Unaware ➞

Problem Aware ➞

Solution Aware

How To Market To Each



What To Write For Unaware

They Don’t Know Anything.

What To Write:

Check out for hooks and ads that are for unaware.

  • Secrets
  • Tips
  • Stories
  • Symptoms
  • Statistical Data/Studies
  • Desires
  • Facts
  • Lists
  • Asking a question
  • Curiosity (question)

The Difference between unaware & problem aware:

  • Unaware is more indirect (less You)
  • Unaware is usually longer
  • Unaware is softer
  • The PAIN in unaware is weaker

We want to make them aware that they have a problem.

People don’t buy products. They buy solutions.

Meaning: * Unaware CAN NOT buy. Neither can problem aware.

The only people who CAN buy are solution aware people.

But all of the copy gets the cusomter to be solution aware.

This is the conclusion of the quick summary explaining the ‘unaware’ group of customers and what your intentions are, how to speak to them, and what to write.