Welcome to this week’s post from Red Door Marketing Co’s Web Design, SEO, and Marketing Insights. We’re going to talk about a group of people who are generally speaking the most likely to buy your product or service. They need to be spoken to as such. You have a huge opportunity when you meet these people where they are. They just want a solution. Give it to them. Here goes the article.

Who are solution aware buyers? This is the group of people that know they have a problem. They know there are solutions to their problem.

People in the solution aware group are beginning their research phase. They are actively seeking solutions.

This group of people have the following attributes:

You are fortunate to have found the customer in this mindset. You must capitalize on this and give them what they need in order to feel validated in spending money. You want to write about the following topics:

Ultimately… You are going to do the following:

Now what do we do?

How do we get our buyer out of shopping mode and into buying mode?

In two words:

Pictures are proof. Proof comes in many forms. Proof can be free content. Proof can be testimonials and reviews. Proof can be transparent product/services comparisons with other companies products/services.

Prices is exactly that it sounds like. Do not hide it. Here’s where you are if you follow this advice:

All I can say is that after implementing this into my website I received a Calendly appointment that same week which led to a 15-minute consultation which led to a sale of my entire product list.

What I’m saying is:

This shit fucking works.

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