Strategic Organic and Paid Marketing Campaigns Focused on ROI

Word of mouth doesn’t cut it anymore. Every business that brings in millions of dollars relies on strategic marketing campaigns. They all have one common thread. They focus on their ideal customers.

Google Ads and Pay Per Click Marketing

The advantage of running an effective Google Ads campaign cannot be understated. You have the first bid at any service or any product when it’s done right. 


Unfortunately, many Google Ads campaigns target a wide net of customers with no intent to make a purchase. The solution to this problem is to accurately use negative keywords in your Google Ads campaign to exclude searches looking for information. You are better off targeting customers who are looking to complete a transaction, however; Targeting customers with specific intent only goes so far. 


You need to ask yourself about what the customer knows about your industry. How aware are they to ads in your industry- meaning- how sophisticated do you need to be? What is their level of awareness to your service or product? Where will the Google Ad bring them once they click on it? Will they go to your landing page or to a contact us page, or a collections page on your website? Done right, Google Ads campaigns are incredibly effective.

The A/B Test in Marketing gives data on what pictures or wording works best.

Here’s an example: You are a General Contractor and you post a picture on your Business Facebook Page of a Beautiful Deck that you just installed. Your ad says “New Deck. Give me a call to get a quote.” Zero people like your post and zero people call. Was it a total failure? 


Let’s try an A/B test.


The next day, you post that very same picture and your ad says “Are you interested in building a deck? A New Deck typically costs $10k-$30k. You can book your free estimate at and now 25 people like the post and 5 people submit a contact form on your website.  


You posted the same exact picture but you changed the copywriting around. That simple A/B test tells you that your pictures aren’t the problem. It’s what you’re saying. 

Organic Marketing on Social Media & Paid Marketing

With the right strategy, anybody can ‘beat the system’ and get ‘free advertising’. One effective strategy for businesses that service a specific area is to join your local Facebook groups and post your ads there. It will take time to be approved to join. It will also take time to create an ad and post it. But it’s free.



Most importantly, you’re targeting your ideal customer by doing this. At the end of the day, your organic marketing comes down to consistency. It’s a numbers game. Keep posting in the Facebook groups and you’ll be sure to get some leads.



Our strategy takes full advantage of Organic Social Media. We think it’s one of the most effective strategies on the market today.


Some industries do better than others on YouTube Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. Similarly, those same industries might be better off targeting organic social media such as Facebook Groups, Instagram and LinkedIn. 


There’s no one size fits all strategy, and we’re glad to help you find the right mix of paid marketing and organic marketing for your business in your industry.

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