Be The Architect Of Your Business Intelligence

With The Black Book

of Philadelphia’s Residential Real Estate Data.


The Black Book will provide you with data you need on over 300,000 Residential Properties.

The Black Book Includes Housing Data, Permit Data, and Owner Contact Information of every Residential Philadelphia Property.



The Black Book Of Philadelphia’s Real Estate Market

Key Benefits Include:

    1. Benefit of Housing Information: Enables detailed property valuation and market trend analysis, aiding in making informed real estate investment decisions and efficient property management strategies.

    3. Benefit of Permit Data: Provides critical insights into ongoing and future property developments, helping to identify emerging real estate trends and uncover potential investment and renovation opportunities in the Philadelphia market.

    5. Benefit of Owner Information: Facilitates direct and personalized outreach to property owners, enhancing marketing efforts, fostering valuable networking opportunities, and supporting targeted business development within the real estate industry.

  1. Housing Information: Comprehensive details on every residential property in Philadelphia, including current assessed value, last sold value, square footage, number of rooms, and bathrooms — essential for accurate market analysis and informed property management.

  3. Permit Data: Up-to-date information on permits filed for construction, additions, and improvements, offering insights into property development trends and potential investment opportunities in the Philadelphia area.

  5. Owner Information: Complete owner data for every residential property, featuring names, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers, crucial for targeted direct marketing, effective networking, and strategic outreach within the real estate sector.

Key Features Include:

Who Was The Black Book Made For?

South Philadelphia


Old City

Real Estate Investment

North Philly

Business Development

How Do These Industries Use This Data?

For Real Estate Firms:

  • Market Analysis: Enables agents to perform detailed market analysis and property valuations.

  • Investment Insight: Assists in identifying lucrative investment opportunities and understanding market trends.

  • Client Relations: Facilitates personalized client interactions and targeted property suggestions.

For Construction Firms:

  • Project Planning: Aids in identifying areas with high construction activity for strategic planning.

  • Business Development: Enables direct outreach to property owners for new business opportunities.

  • Market Forecasting: Helps in forecasting market demand for construction services.

For Marketing Firms:

  • Campaign Precision: Enhances the precision of marketing campaigns with detailed property and owner data.

  • Lead Generation: Assists in generating qualified leads by identifying potential clients.

  • Market Trends Analysis: Facilitates trend analysis for crafting more effective marketing strategies.

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The Black Book is a versatile digital tool that can significantly boost productivity and strategic planning for firms in different sectors. Its comprehensive data coverage and detailed insights enable well-informed decisions, intelligence to offer services more effectively, 

& exclusivity to corner business opportunities.

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